Why I Love Living in Reston, Virginia!

When you grow up in a community, you don't always understand what makes it special. I came to live in Reston when I was 7 years old. I left when I went to college and returned as a young newlywed--and as my husband will tell you, I did not return without reservations (mostly because I just wanted to try something different). As we looked and looked for our first new home, it became clear to us that we would get the most for our money in Reston. 

While it may have been an affordable option when we bought our first house, time brings changes and over the years, Reston has become a more and more desirable place to live. Purchasers can pay a premium to live in Reston, but it is interesting to see how many people are willing to do this. I also love to see how many people return to Reston, whether is is from far away or an attempt to try a new local Washington D.C. metro community. There is a draw here that is part physical and very much community oriented.

Reston, Virginia Lake Anne Plaza
I remember being surprised as a sat in my Fine Arts class in college that they were showing pictures of my home-town and my favorite hangouts at Lake Anne Plaza. Sure, we loved being there, but I didn't really understand how special this place was. To me it was a place to hang-out, a place to spend my babysitting money and a place to get sundaes at the drugstore counter.
Reston, VA Lake Anne VillageWhen Reston was founded in 1964, by Robert E. Simon (who still lives here and shows up at local events), it was a sleepy bedroom community of D.C. It was kind of far out and appealed to many government workers for its affordability and acceptance of people of all races and income levels (I feel like I can say this because I know people whose families moved here for these very reasons). The Reston Wikipedia page has a well documented history of the development of Reston.
Reston, Virginia Lake Anne Fountain
Over the years, Reston has morphed from a commuter community to a vibrant business location. The motto of Reston is , "Live, Work, Play.' Many who live here today are able to both live and work--and of course play-- within the community. The community is managed by the Reston Association, an organization that all residents belong to when they purchase a home.
I could tell you that I love the many, many paths through the community (I do!), the plentiful tennis, pool and recreational facilities (I do!), the variety of shopping options which include the Reston Town Center (I do!), the proximity to Washington D.C. (I do!) and now the fact that we have a Metro stop at Wiele-East (I do!), but what I honestly and truly love about Reston is the community.
When I was a child, this was a fairly transient area. Many of my friend's parents worked Reston, Virginia Pavilion at Reston Town Centerfor the government or the military. My friends often moved away (and seemed to come back, too). The area has turnover, like everywhere else, but today you are just as likely to see someone move down the road as to a new state.
Over the past couple of weekends our family had the opportunity to attend several graduation parties for local high school graduates. Incidentally, the public high school for my neighborhood is, in fact, my old high school.  These parties exemplified what I love about living here. I saw people that I have known for 20 years or more. A pretty high number of them went to high school with me and also grew up here in Reston!   Many of them remember when my 19 year old was born and when my older kids graduated from high school. I remember their children as little ones and now see them on the verge of adulthood. This tight knit community is something that the founder of Reston had hoped for and that I have seen come to life.
Reston, VA The Fountain at Reston Town CenterAs a local Realtor, I have seen first hand how much people love living in Reston. Occasionally, I help people leave Reston for another local community, but most often I am helping them find a new Reston home that suits their current lifestyle.  My family has moved from a small townhouse to a larger townhouse and from there to a single family home and finally to the larger SFH where we have raised our family. We talk about our next house and toy with the idea of relocating, but I love my neighbors, my community and our location; I struggle to see where we would go next that I would love as much. Maybe we will just downsize (or right-size)!
Reston, Virginia is a unique community that has evolved and changed but retains the founder's vision that its residents would be able to 'Live, Work and Play' here throughout the many phases of their lives. As a woman who came to live here as a young child and who has now raised her family here, as a Realtor who works here everyday and as an athlete who takes advantage of the many community amenities in Reston, I cannot be more sincere when I say that I LOVE RESTON, VIRGINIA!


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