Please sell my house, but, first, I have a bunch of rules

I went to preview a home today at the invitation of the Realtor.  It took me a while to find it because there was no sign. I finally located the house number and saw the lock box on the door.

When I opened the door, I was met with a basket of shoe covers. I removed my shoes and continued on through the house.
The owner had opted not to do too much modification to the house prior to going on the market. It was a nice house, but not necessarily set up to appeal to the most number of buyers.
After walking through the house, and putting together a list of suggestions, I stopped to chat with the Realtor.
My first question was, 'why no sign?'
The agent said that the seller was very private and didn't want the neighbors to know they were moving. Really? It seems like they are going to know when the moving truck shows up!
I did some brainstorming with her about how to get more Realtors in to preview. That is when she read me the text she had received recently about all the times the owner would not allow the home to be shown.
Another suggestion I had made was that the carpet needed to be cleaned and stretched. Yet, I was required to take off my shoes? If you are going to ask people to remove their shoes, make sure that the floors they are walking on are very clean. Otherwise it almost comes across as, 'we might not be that clean, but we think you are filthy.' That is not necessarily the mindset that you want the buyers to have.
This is when I start to wonder what the seller's objective is in listing their home. As far as I can tell, the seller has made the home 1)hard to find, 2) hard to see and 3) unwelcoming to potential buyers.
Selling your home is not easy. Setting up road blocks to make it harder will make it take longer and draw out the pain.
When you hire a Realtor to list your home, listen to their advice and remember that you were once a buyer, too.What would you do with a house that you couldn't get in to see? Yep, you would move on to another house.
Don't set up so many rules for your Realtor that they cannot help you sell your home.



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