How Can I Be a Good Seller?

How Can I Be a Good Seller?

Dear Holly,

I read your blog yesterday, How Can I Be a Good Buyer. It made a lot of good points.

I am getting ready to take an overseas assignment and want to sell my place before I go.  My next stateside assignment will probably not be in the same location.  In other words, for now, I am  just a 'seller' and not a 'buyer.'

How can I be a Good Seller?


Getting Ready to Sell

Dear Getting Ready to Sell,

Being a good seller can be even more challenging than being a good buyer! Why? Because in addition  to most of the things that make a good buyer (communication, availability, need to be flexible with your schedule) you also have to keep your house in tip-top shape.

These 5 things are important to being a good seller and parallel the list of what makes a good buyer:
  1. Prompt communication: If I call, email or text you, please respond as promptly as you can. There are many ways to communicate with me, so if you can't talk anytime soon, just let me know when you will be available. Let Realtors who call for appointments know promptly if your home is available to show. 
  2. Commitment to sell: This is not a time for casual attempts to sell your home. Buyers are serious and you should be, too. Do what it takes to get the house sold.
  3. Follow through with requests: If I ask you to follow up with the settlement company, clean out a closet, or to get some specific documentation to me, please do it in a timely manner.  I can only effectively represent you if you allow me to represent you.
  4. Schedule flexibility: People will want to see your house at inconvenient times. When at all possible, let them. This is a time to enjoy trying new restaurants and taking the kids or dog to the park down the street. I understand that you have a life to lead, but the sooner we get the buyers  in, the sooner we can get your house under contract.
  5. Trust: We are going to have to trust one another during this process (offer, negotiations, home inspection repairs). Make sure that the trust is there otherwise, it will be difficult to get through the purchase process successfully.
But a really good seller will ALSO do these things:

  1. Do the heavy lifting: Literally, get stuff out of your house and clean out every nook and cranny. Crowded closets and tight bedrooms look like 'small house' to most buyers. No one wants to buy a house that looks over crowded.
  2. Deal with deferred maintenance: If you don't feel like dealing with it, I can guarantee that a buyer won't either. Just do it! You will be glad you did and it will probably result in more money in your pocket.
  3. Make it easy to see: Buyers and their agents can be stressed. Try to lighten their burden by making your home easy to show both literally and figuratively.  There is an old saying, 'can't sell it, if you can't see it.' Make your house  easy to see. Make it available (scheduling) and make it visible (trim up those trees and overgrown bushses)!
  4. Consistent preparation: Put your dishes away, make your bed, fold the laundry--every day! Don't forget to weed and mow in the Spring, Summer and Fall. This is a case where you really are being judged on how well you stay on top of things.
  5. Make it a priority: Selling your home is hard. Fully commit to doing it properly and you will have a shorter listing period. 
Selling your home can be a stressful thing, but if you go into it with the right attitude and preparation, you will make it easier for yourself--and for your Realtor!

Good luck,



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