What a Week it has been in Northern Virginia!

It began as a regular old week...one of the last before the kids headed back to school and summer comes to its unofficial end.

Then on Tuesday, we were rocked by an Earthquake. Registering 5.9 on the Richter scale, it was felt up and down the East Coast and into the Midwest. I was on my screened porch (up on pilings), talking to my 15 year old son.  Our first instinct was denial of what might be happening. My first thought was that a delivery truck was causing then vibrations. My second thought was that one of my neighbors might be drilling. Suddenly, it occurred to me that my neighbors would NOT be drilling and we jumped up, grabbed the dogs (who did not act strangely or give us any warning) and ran out into the cul-de-sac.

Cell service and landlines were initially disrupted, but we were able to text family members and make sure everything was okay. Facebook was my first real communication with other folks and the way I verified that an Earthquake had taken place. It just goes to show what an integral part of life Facebook has become!

There have been several aftershocks since, but nothing that I have noticed and nothing like the original Earthquake.

Then as the week progresses, we were all caught up in Hurricane Irene fever. News channels went into 24/7 coverage cycle of the historic storm.  As a home owner of an ocean front home in Corolla, N.C. I was nervous, but resigned that I could do nothing to affect what happened during the storm.

Back in Northern Virginia, however, we made sure to have plenty of working flashlights and candles. Ice in the freezer. Water on hand. My husband even bought a camping inverter; His thought was that we could plug the refrigerator into the inverter, which would run off of the car battery.  In other words, we were set.

My parents evacuated the Eastern Shore of Maryland and came to stay with us. The Bay Bridge was closed shortly after their departure.

Hurricane Irene definately did damage in certain areas, but for Northern Virginia, it was really just a rainy day and night with some heavier than usual winds. We are all thankful that the storm did not live up the hype!

We still haven't heard how our beach house fared. Other than emergency personnel, no one is allowed up to the area where our house is, as of Sunday afternoon.  Keep your fingers crossed that our North Carolina home is still in tact, that our walkway to the beach survived (this is what we usually lose) and that we will be able to get renters back in there soon!

I hope your week was less eventful than mine. I am looking forward to a quiet last week of summer before I send my son back to school. I think after this week, it is well deserved!



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