Diary of a REALTOR® Contest: Why I Chose Real Estate!

I have been on vacation (both literally and figuratively) so I have not been as active as usual on ActiveRain. This morning I logged on and came across an entry for this contest. Since I am always promoting contests as a great way to engage in all that ActiveRain can offer, I decided that I would  re-blog the contest entry so that others who might have missed it will get a chance to participate.


Put on your creative hat, dig up a baby picture and get writing. If you get the enty in by July 30 you will receive an extra 500 points!


Diary of a Realtor®

Diary of a REALTOR® group is having a contest! 

Contest Title: Why I Chose Real Estate!  


The title seems simple but could prove to be a real challenge! Diary of a Realtor® wants to help you create a post that can be saved and savored by your family and clients and friends alike.

This contest is open to all of us in every aspect of the Real Estate Business. Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Inspectors, Surveyors, Stagers, and well...everyone!

The requirements are challenging and may require a lot of work on your part. Keep in mind that anything with value is worth working for.

This is to be written by you to be handed down in your family. You must write for YOU. Your post may be written and composed to become optimized by you for the search engines to help your clients get to know you or can simply be a Members Only Post.  

Your writing is for you and yours!

Contest Begins July 8, 2011 and will extend till August 15, 2011 11:59 PM EST.  

For entries to be considered for placement and points they must include: 

*One Baby pictures of Yourself. Ages 0 - 10 years old is acceptable. (If you have absolutely none, then we will accept the oldest photo you have) Pictures may include other people but YOU must be the focal point. We want to see your chubby cheeks. List names of people from left to right. Choose your favorite and one that will become a family/client favorite. You can certainly have more than one photo, but at least one.

*Explain and write about the pivotal point in your life that made you decide that Real Estate and the related business is for YOU. 

*YOU have the choice as to how to present your photos and tie your story in to the theme: Why I Chose Real Estate!

*There is no Maximum word count. The Minimum word count is 200 words. Please do not skimp on the words. We are leaving words and pictures for our Diary! Tag lines do not count!

*All aspects of the Winning Post will be judged. Creative License, Photos, Storyline, and "Feeling" will be judged. But, don't worry, all entries are winners. If you are able to create a post that YOU would be proud to share with YOUR family, then YOU are a WINNER! 

*One (1) entry per person.

*The Title of the entry should begin with "Why I Chose Real Estate! and then can show your personal entry Title.


*All entries will be rewarded with 500 Bonus Points. 

*If your entry is received by July 30th, 2011, you will receive 500 Bonus points and the 500 Bonus Points for an entry for a total of 1000 points. 

*Winners will be Judged on Creativity, Photos, Storyline, Overall "look" and "feel". 

*Newbie's are invited to participate. No Partiality will be shown. Give us YOUR best.

*In order to have your points awarded, you must leave a link to your post in the comment section of this post prior to the posting deadline. Please also include the post in the 'Diary of a REALTOR® Group'


I understand this is going to take some digging in your photos, attics, contacting Grandma and various other chores. You will be required to scan the photos and place them on your blog. If you have any difficulties with this we are here to help. Contact an Ambassador of ActiveRain for your personal directions.

All Ambassador's are here to help. No one is excluded from this contest.







Get started today. Make your phone calls and designate your family to find their favorite photos of you. Come on! Let's get really creative and include this wonderful post in YOUR archives for personal use! Remember the kids? They will love it. Good luck to all. We are all on an even playing field!

Diary of a Realtor® 2011, Contest.

Just do it. 

Later in the rain~




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I have been on vacation (both literally and figuratively) so I have not been as active as usual on ActiveRain. This morning I logged on and came across an entry for this contest. Since I am always promoting contests as a great way to engage in all… more
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