The Kindle has me spending MORE on books!

I grew up as a devoted fan of the local public library. As a pre-teen, I saved my babysitting money to buy a few select books (The Little House on the Prairie series and a few Nancy Drew's), but most of my books came free with my library card.

As I grew up, I bought more books, but remained a devoted fan of the Fairfax County Public Library.  Sunday morning would find me scanning the Washington Post Book World (back in the day when it still existed) and logging on to FCPL to reserve the latest and greatest books. An email would tell me when they were at the library and I would show up and check them out.

Last Christmas, I recevied a Kindle DX in anticipation of a trip we were taking. I thought it would be a great way to bring enough books for a week long vacation (I am an avid reader). It was!  I read 8 books and only had to carry one notebook-sized  'book.'

I became a fan of the Kindle!

One of the best things about the Kindle is the ease with which I can download new books. How do I use this feature? Here are some examples:  I am lying in bed and finish a book...seconds later I have a new one downloaded and have begun reading it. Another example: yesterday, I was sitting on the beach and finished a book. I immediately downloaded a new book without leaving my beach chair. How is that for convenience?

It saddens me that I don't get to the library the way I used to, but I love the ease with which I can have the latest books delivered right to my Kindle!

As someone who got many best sellers from the library, this new paradigm of the digital book actually has me spending MORE on books than I did before--and I am happy to do it!


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The Kindle has me spending MORE on books!
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