What is Your Hourly 'Life' Rate

I often justify hiring people to do things for me by considering the opportunity cost  of doing it myself; if I pay them X, it allows me to earn Y.

My 'working' life began as a consultant, so billable time was the key to life.  Every spare minute had the potential to bring money in to the firm.  We were taught not to waste our time, and to find ways to make it, if not billable, then at least productive.

Have you ever wondered what your time is worth? MSN Money has created an Hourly Rate Calculator to help you determine how much an hour of your time is worth. By putting in some basic information (stuff you can probably enter off the top of your head), you can figure out a rough estimate of the value of an hour of your time.


This information will not change my life, and probably not yours either, but it is a fun exercise.  And it might just help you justify hiring the service to mow your lawn!


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