A Cr_ppy Way to Start The Morning

I awoke to the closing of the garage door. Since I am ALWAYS the first person awake in our family (at least alarm clockduring the week), this was a bad sign.  A quick glance at my alarm clock told me that it was 5:35 am.  Hmmm, why was my daughter leaving so early for school? Another glance at the cable box and I realized that it was really 6:35 am.

Surprise...the alarm clock self-adjusted itself for daylight savings time--and it is not following the new rules set by Congress!!!!!
fall back

There is nothing worse than starting a Monday morning an hour behind schedule before you even get out of bed.

My alarm clock is this really great Timex T622. It has a built in CD player and MP3 hook up. It is easy to set the alarm and easy to turn off in the morning (in the dark). There are some quirky things about it, but I have learned to live with them.

But I cannot live with a clock that randomly adjusts itself!! Of course, if it was adjusting itself on the correct daylight savings time schedule, this same problem would be a great feature.  Instead, it is a really cr_ppy way to wake up on a Monday morning.

I hope the rest of the week is better....


And to add insult to injury, this is what I just heard back from Timex:

'We apologize but there is no patch available. Consumers must change clocks.

Due to new enacted government regulations, effective this year you must change the time manually, since the calendar was programmed to change according to the time DST issued by the government, it will not recognize the change after 2006. Change the zone to Hawaiin, the adjustment will only be twice.  

Press & hold the time set button until the time flash, then release it and press the ff >> or << rev buttons. '



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