Fairfax County is a Great Place for a Self-Proclaimed Book Worm!

Back in middle and high school, I tried to hide my tendency to turn to books as friends.  Once in college, it became 'cool' to love to read and I was able to embrace my true love of reading.

As a young girl I spent hours and hours at small branch of the Fairfax Country library at Lake Anne Plaza in Reston. That branch has since closed--to be replaced by the Reston Museum--but I can still remember the thrill of the hunt when I would leave the heat of a warm summer day to enter the cool quiet of the library.

Fast forward many years...I now go to the much larger Reston Regional Library.  Sometimes I even just get my fix by logging on to the library website: www.fairfaxcounty.gov/library.

Many a Sunday morning will find me sitting at my computer, looking up recommendations I just saw in the Washington Post Book World.  With a click of the mouse I can reserve anything and have it sent to Reston Regional.  As much as I love spending money at bookstores, I do try to keep checks on my spending (and acquisition) and this really helps!

I have even found that there is a recipricol arrangment with Loudoun County Library: http://library.loudoun.gov/

This has enabled me to link my Fairfax County Library card to the Loudoun County Library and check books out in both places!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There may be similar relationships with Arlington, Falls Church and Alexandria, but I have not (so far) had the need to investigate.

Back in the day when I was the mother of toddlers, we often participated in the library programs.  They were informal, well managed and a fun way to break up the day.  I can't speak to the current programs, but with their history of excellence, I feel fine recommending them.  More information can be found at: http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/library/tots/.

Another program that intrigues me is the All Fairfax Reads program. This summer the featured book was, The Uncommon Reader, by Alan Bennett.  This program is designed to get people reading and discussing books. The county provides questions to spark these discussions.

If you look around the site, you will find that they have programs for everyone: home schoolers, teens, adult book clubs, volunteer opportunities.

If you are a reader, like me, you could not find a better place to satisfy your craving for new books than Fairfax County.  While I only spoke of the Reston Branch, I have been to many of them and they were all wonderful. Get out and explore this wonderful--and free-- resource!


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