Just Keep Going!! It Gets Easier Or You Get Better!! Pros Know!!

This is the best advice I have read for professionals--really in any industry--in a long time! If you haven't created your business plan for 2014 yet, read this post and incorporate this advice into it for success in the coming year.

Thanks for keeping us inspired, Lenn!

"HIT AND RUN" doesn't work in sports.  You can't be a champion after one game.
"HIT AND RUN" doesn't work in real estate sales either.  The secret is consistency.

The reason professional sports competitors are paid so highly is because they are so good at what they do that others pay to just watch them compete. 

This morning, while reviewing ActiveRain, which I do early each morning, I'm also watching the European PGA Golf Tour tournament.  No, I don't follow golf in that European tournaments except when a favorite American player is competing.  Tiger Woods is the draw for me here.  I watched the tournament when Phil Mickelson won the British Open this year.  

KEEP GOING!!  One thing I've learned from my addiction to professional sports is that THE WINNERS NEVER GIVE UP!!!  They may be behind the leaders for a while, but win or lose, they never give up. 

I remember the days when I competed in Skeet and Trap tournaments.  The tournaments were not just one 100 round bird (clay pigeon) games, although there were those too.  Most events were Saturday and Sunday.  Trap events were up to 200 birds plus play-offs; 100 16 yard birds and 100 handicap birds.  Skeet tournaments were up to 400 birds; 100 12 ga., 100 20 ga., 100 28 ga. and 100 410 ca. birds.  That's a lot of birds.  No matter, we were there to win.  To win, you had to shoot the program.  However, if you were not shooting well, you just NEVER GAVE UP!!  What happens when you've shot 100 birds and you've got another 100 to 300 birds to go?? 


Tiger shot 3 bogeys today.  Is he going to quit???  ABSOLUTELY NOT!!  He's dropped from 2nd place to 4th place.  TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY!!


1.  DIRECT MAIL.   When you decide to "farm" a community with direct mail, you must give the owners time to recognize your name.  How many home owners are going to remember your name if they see it in one post card mailer??  Unless you HIT an owner the precise time they decide to sell, probably none.  HOWEVER, when an owner decides to sell, if they've received a mailer with your name every other month for a year or two, it's just possible they have your post card on their refrigerator. 

2. GOOGLE SEARCH.   When you publish an ActiveRain post about a community in your market area, will your post be viewed by a consumer that contacts you?  PERHAPS.  If you have followed the Google Guidelines and use a title and content that will produce in a Google search, it's not unusual that you'll be contacted by a consumer looking for just what you included in your article. 

3.  USING ACTIVERAIN TOOLS We love to have our information on the Internet networks and ActiveRain makes that surprisingly simple. 

5.  DON'T LOOK FOR INSTANT GRATIFICATION.  The secret is not always how well you write.  Writing is an acquired skill and you'll get better and better.  It's often how much synergy you get when you post an article to your ActiveRain blog.  It's also posting articles about your market area with CONSISTENCY. 

6.  WATCH THE LOCAL NEW HOME BUILDERS.  New home builders don't just buy building lots and wait for consumers to drop by.  THEY INVEST IN MODEL HOMES, newspaper ads, web sites and a lot more.  The builder I'm visiting today telephoned me on Thursday and envited me to their open house today.  WORKS FOR ME!!

30 in 30.  We're in a contest to publish 30 articles, one a day for 30 days.  The rewards are points, but the real reward is in developing good posting habits. The over 2,000,000 points that I've earned with consistent blogging can't buy anything at Wegman's.  However, it's an achievement and I didn't get those points by watching and not participating.  Yes, I love competition!!!


Courtesy, Lenn Harley, Broker, Homefinders.com, 800-711-7988, serving home buyers in Loudoun County VA.



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Just Keep Going!! It Gets Easier Or You Get Better!! Pros Know!!
This is the best advice I have read for professionals--really in any industry--in a long time! If you haven't created your business plan for 2014 yet, read this post and incorporate this advice into it for success in the coming year. Thanks… more
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