Are buyers liars? I don't think so!

I work with both buyers and sellers. If I summarize what I do for each of them in one sentence, these are the sentences I would choose. 

When I work with sellers, I am primarily educating them about the market, buyers expectations and the sales process so they can sell thier house quickly and for a fair price. 

When I work with buyers I try to help them refine their wish list so that the house they buy meets their needs now and in the future. 

Buyers often get a bad rap. They are accused, in many cases, of not being forthcoming with what they want and need.

I think it is far simpler than that. Buyers really don't know what they need, and until they start the home buying process in earnest, they don't know where they are going to compromise. 

Are buyers liars? No, they are just working through the normal process of buying a home. Something that starts out as a deal breaker (a front load garage or a small lot, for instance) may be the very thing that they buy. Why? Because they figure out that their priorities are different than what they originally thought.

If you are starting the home search process, understand that your wish list is just that-- what you are WISHING you will find.  Keep some flexibility in your requirements and you may find that you end with something very different from what you thought but that ends up being JUST PERFECT in the long run!


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Are buyers liars? I don't think so!
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