What next now that contract contingencies are removed?


You and your Realtor have been working hard and all of the contingencies have been removed from your contract.
What now?
Now you enter the 'logistics phase.'
You will be contacted by your settlement company to answer questions as you approach settlement.  You will want to be sure to answer all their requests promptly to avoid any delay in closing.
The move will be happening soon, so you need to figure out the final timing of your settlement. The date should be specified in the contract, so assuming everything has remained the same, you need to now determine time of day for settlement. This should be coordinated with the seller, although many buyers and sellers opt to sign their paperwork seperately. Ask for your Realtor's advice about setting the time.  He or she will probably take responsibility for coordinating the settlement time.
You need to call and have the utilities changed into your name (this needs to be coordinated with the seller so that nothing is ever turned off).
Remember to forward your mail and to notify friends and merchants of yourSold home change of address. The United States Postal Service has a great website that makes your change of address very easy.
The Lender will be able to provide you with the final numbers associated with your loan, so you will know how much $ to bring to settlement. At this point, you will coordinate with the settlement company about how to get the money to them (check or transfer).  You will need to bring identification and a personal check book (to pay for any last minute changes to the HUD-1 settlement statement--in the event you bring too much to settlement, they will issue you a check).
Finally, make the final arrangements with the movers.In Virginia, the buyer receives keys and takes possession of the home at Settlement. Other states handle this differently, so be sure to understand when you can begin moving into your new home,
There are a lot of things that have to get done when you go from searching to settlement. Understanding the process and working with a Realtor® who will be your advocate any your ally is key to a successful transaction.
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